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Apr 08 2011
at 2:40 PM
I love jazz. I need jazz. I breath jazz. I won’t say I’ve heard it all, that’s impossible, but I read a lot about jazz, new artists and everything. I attend a lot of concerts, legends and new young players. But once again, and that’s what I like the most about the music, I "discovered" someone I’d never heard about, though he’s been around for 40 years or so. Richie Beirach, fantastic pianoplayer, who even used to write music for Chet Baker and Stan Getz! I attented a concert he played last week,a 5 minute walk from my door, entrance 5 $,only 70 people present. We sat on stage, like next to him!What a player. The smallest hands I’ve ever seen play the piano. So once again, I stand corrected. I love jazz. I need jazz. I breath jazz. But I sure don’t know everything about it.
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Apr 11 2011
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Fido has nailed two of the best...try Forgotten Fantasies on A&M records. This is a series of amazing duets between Richie and Dave Liebman.
Apr 10 2011
at 11:51 PM
Bookmark and Share I love "Elm". Also Lookout Farm.
Apr 10 2011
at 2:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Michael. In fact, he came to play 5 concerts around Brussels and Antwerp on invitation of guitarplayer Peter Hertmans. He must have left for the States again by now. As for a recent album, try "Knowing Lee" (Out Note Records) together with Lee Konitz and Dave Liebman. Cheers!
Apr 09 2011
at 3:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Bxl, Good to hear that Richard Beirach is still playing. I wondered how he has been doing, since I did not hear, read or saw recent albums of him published recently through the last for years, but there is so much going on, I might have missed it. Anyway, I think Richard Beirach is one of the deep players. Some of his solo albums are fabulous (Live at Maybeck for instance, and Hubris. He did a lot of duorecordings, several with David Liebman, his long time musical partner and also a beautiful album with George Coleman. I hope he is coming to Holland soon. There are also two topnotch albums with fellow pianist Andy Laverne for Steeplechase: Universal mind, played on one piano and Too grand, played on two pianos Warm regards, Michaèl
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