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SUBJECT: J.J. Cale died. Back to Subjects
Jul 27 2013
at 7:55 AM
Another one of the greats bit the dust: J.J. Cale died. May he perform upon the big stage.
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Aug 02 2013
at 7:23 AM
Bookmark and Share He nailed it on his first "Naturally"....then he created a great body of work. Musician’s knew how good he was.Careful listeners would smile at his creativity and musical intelligence.
Jul 31 2013
at 10:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Just watched the film yesterday night. A little great artist. I always loved his music.
Jul 30 2013
at 6:29 PM
Bookmark and Share To Tulsa and Back On Tour with JJ Cale is a wonderful dvd and tribute to the man and his Tulsa roots. Watched it last night in his honor. RIP- JJCale you will be greatly missed sir
Jul 30 2013
at 12:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes I saw this too. Great songwriter who never got his just rewards IMO. Sad to see he died so young.RIP,JJ
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