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Jul 18 2013
at 11:35 AM
While in San Diego I saw Peter Sprague live giving a free concert on the lawn of the Coronado Library last Saturday July 13th. He had a stellar supporting cast with him, most notably Steve Kujala playing flutes and piccolo. Bob Magnusson on Bass and Duncan Moore drumming. It was a fantastic show and I had forgotten what an incredible player and writer Peter is. Steve Kujala, a genius in his own right, at one point, enduring an extremely loud and long display of siren-age from the local fire department hauling down the road, did a perfect imitation of the sound utilizing his famous fretless flute technique. It was a great experience as I hadn’t seen anything live for quite some time and there was a very positive vibe throughout. Got to pick up his latest CD on-site too, called "Dr. Einstein’s Spin".
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Jul 22 2013
at 5:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Peter is a great guy too I might add. I see Peter once in awhile at the Coyote Bar in Carlsbad,Ca.
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