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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: 2013 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal Back to Subjects
Jul 11 2013
at 7:05 AM
A review of five nights spent at the 2013 Festival International de Jazz de MontrĂ©al, today at All About Jazz. With a three-night By Invitiation series with Charles Lloyd (his Quartet, Sangam trio and an evening of duos/trios with Jason Moran and Bill Frisell); only one of cities to celebrate Wayne Shorter’s 80th Birthday with a triple bill featuring Trio ACS, Dave Douglas&Joe Lovano’s Sound Prints, and the Wayne Shorter Quartet; Kurt Rosenwinkel’s New Quartet, Christine Jensen (with sis Ingrid and Gary Versace), Ravi Coltrane Quartet (with Adam Rogers) and Phronesis, it was another great year at the world’s biggest jazz festival. Review here:
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From: Message:
Jul 11 2013
at 8:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for posting this,John. I envy you for getting to go to all these fantastic events. A lot of artists there are also coming to Detroit for our Jazz Festival later this yesr so I am getting excited.
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