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Apr 07 2011
at 9:37 PM
Pat has often said that his albums are like one long continuous song. Of course that REALLY happened in TWU, but you can hear it on other albums too, for sure. Heck, sometimes it all seems to even be in the same key (American Garage seems to favour G) Except I don’t hear it on Offramp. That album has such diversity, it seems to be all over the map to me. Do you hear it as one song?
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Apr 09 2011
at 7:24 AM
Bookmark and Share interesting topic...I would throw 80/81 in to the conversation. There is definitely a continuity to both discs in those recordings tying the sound of Pat/Brecker and Haden together. Every time I listen to it I hear something new.
Apr 08 2011
at 5:01 PM
Bookmark and Share I always thought Question and Answer was like that. That was a straight ahead session really but the actual theme of them doing that sort of carried that entire LP for me as one continuous vibe.
Apr 08 2011
at 1:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Offramp is diverse but, whether by accident or design, it seems to make ’sense’ as a single piece somehow. Try listening to the songs in a different order; it just doesn’t work! (Or is it just that I’ve listened to it so many times?)
Apr 08 2011
at 9:45 AM
Bookmark and Share in the orchestrion i think they say its modular and it really is take a look at the orchestrion tune with the lines switch back and forth really interesting like some serious sound engineering and architecture
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