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SUBJECT: Concha Buika and Pat Back to Subjects
Jul 09 2013
at 5:43 PM
Muy Güenas, some of you may like to know, that Pat features in a song of Concha Buika’s last album. The record is called "La noche más larga" and the song is called "No lo sé". Buika is a very original artist. She was born in Spain from Equatorial Guinea exiled parents. She is deepley influenced by her mother’s love for jazz and also for spanish popular music (like "copla") or spanish-american music (boleros, rancheras, tangos, habaneras) which were so popular in Spain on those years. But her singing has a strong flamenco voice.
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Jul 10 2013
at 4:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for letting us know about this, I just checked out the track Pat is on and it’s a nice piece of work, I’m tempted to buy the album.
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