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Jul 07 2013
at 12:05 AM
Ever since my daughter joined the pit orchestra in her high school marching band, I’ve been discovering that specialized variety of music-making. Watching her shuttle between mallets and drums and keyboards during songs, I was immediately reminded of the multi-instrumentalists in the second line that added so much variety and color to the full PMG. I’ve also discovered that Pat is well-known and regarded among the music teachers I’ve met. Tonight I attended "Drums Along the Rockies," a big marching band meet in Denver. The host band performed a movement of First Circle, which made my night. The previous shows’ tunes, ranging from "Piano Man" to "Rite of Spring," mostly left me cold, as marching band often does. Something about the blaring brass and the nervous drumming seems to fragment the music into pieces that I have trouble reassembling in my own head. But from the first notes, First Circle created that familiar tingle in my scalp. I was proud to know the odd meter, and clapped discreetly with it. After a fine performance, the audience seemed attentive, but unmoved. The applause after the song was less than when their name was announced, anyway. First Circle fit very well into this format, IMO, but the crowd seemed to like Le Miz excepts much more. Perhaps that shows what they’re familiar with, and it ain’t PMG anymore. Anyway regarding my rambling post, any thoughts about PMG’s roots in marching band music, or its contemporary applications therein?
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Feb 12 2014
at 12:54 PM
Bookmark and Share I think a marching band arrangement of about 15 minutes of The Way Up would be interesting.
Feb 07 2014
at 5:17 AM
Bookmark and Share In the vein of this post: listen to ’Øystein Baadsvik and Fanfare Band of the Royal Netherlands Army ’Mounted Regiments’ - Chameleon, Music for Tuba and Fanfare Band’, track 5: Minuano. Not bad!
Jan 29 2014
at 12:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Let’s not forget FORWARD MARCH - he would open shows with it.
Jan 20 2014
at 9:50 AM
Bookmark and Share There are several "marching band/percussion ensemble" covers of Minuano (Six Eight), First Circle and Letter from Home available on iTunes. They are mostly live recordings and you can even a few audience cheers at the end. Worth checking out.
Jan 16 2014
at 11:21 AM
Bookmark and Share For me the ultimate expression of ’marching band’ has always been drum corps - specifically DCI. 1985 Blue Devils played a screaming arrangement of First Circle. 1991 Crossmen is another personal favorite which features an all PM show!
Jul 10 2013
at 2:38 PM
Bookmark and Share John,great question and posting. I, for one, am a fan of a good marching band and the sound of the full range of instruments.Most band compititions now feature music other than the standards that marching bands years ago played. Weather Report’s Birdland and Santana’s Oyo Como Va are played frequently. I’ve never heard any of Pat’s music done by a marching band but I’m sure it’s being played somewhere.I was in New Orleans over Memorial Day weekend and heard some really wild marching and second line band music. But that comes with the territory. Good luck to your daughter.
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