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SUBJECT: 24 bit lossless Pat Metheny Records Back to Subjects
Jun 30 2013
at 5:31 PM
Ladies & Gentlemen? I searched a few older subjects and I know it’s been mentioned before but it is SUCH a shame there is not much Metheny available in 24bit. I have the 24 bit DVD Audio of Imaginary Day which I converted for my iPad and iPhone to 48khz (this is the maximum allowed on iOS) and the album sounds INCREDIBLE. Even some ECM stuff is available at 24 bit (not old stuff mainly new recordings. I’d sell my wife and all her shoes for a 24bit version of Secret Story and possibly both of my children for Still Life Talking 24bit! - HA! The Imaginary Day I have given a detailed listen to today on Klipsch headphones and it sounds FAT! - Led and Blamires voices are incredible. With the effort that Pat has put into the studio albums and may have control over since Geffen in 1986 I really hope one day we will be able to hear these albums in 24bit its so much more musical. I have Heavy Weather, Black Market, Shadows & Light and all the Peter Gabriel albums in 24bit plus the last Kate Bush - its like discovering them again. Rant over, I hope I have cured your insomnia. Dr Shiveringgoat™ (UK Lossless Whore!) Love is the message music is the answer…. Anyone else any thoughts/experiences?
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Oct 18 2013
at 9:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Hambone, I am certain you are right. To my ears vinyl copies sounded better when compared to their cd counterparts. Id do tests with friends where i would sync up the two, switch back and forth in the middle of a song, and they would always pick the vinyl. Digital technology has come a long way since the 80s, but to me, vinyl is still king. Id love to hear the White Album on vinyl. Its a shame the cd sounds the way it does. The drums are dead, everything sounds small and compressed, like listening it out of a transistor radio, yet, it has some of the greatest work PMG has ever done. If anyone reading this has any influence on Manfred Eicher, please let them know that a remaster of the White Album is long overdue.
Oct 17 2013
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share sunship, the album version of the white album is great, especially compared to the cd. All of the ECM albums from that era were well made and play into my arguement of some versions of artist’s music in album over cd or download. I still play Watercolors, SLT and the white album on the original vinyl and they have held up well over the years.
Oct 17 2013
at 11:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes Bob Smith. The White Album should really be top priority. It has to be the worst production in the Metheny catalog. This is an ECM issue. I believe ECM would benefit remastering it, because every Metheny fan would buy it. It is odd, because so many ECM productions from that era sound fantastic. Im commenting on the CD. I have never heard that album on vinyl.
Oct 17 2013
at 9:48 AM
Bookmark and Share as someone who tends to rip music into compressed mp3 format, this subject is somewhat foreign to me. I am getting up in years, does hearing ability diminish with age ?
Oct 16 2013
at 1:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Still waiting...;)
Jul 03 2013
at 9:15 AM
Bookmark and Share It would be a dream come true to have someone clean up the White Album. I’d love to really be able to hear Pat’s guitar on April Wind and Lyle’s Oberheim on April Joy in crystal clear sound.
Jul 02 2013
at 4:27 PM
Bookmark and Share I second your wish for highres PM albums, 24 bits at 192, 96 or 88.2 kHz. I’d sell my mother-in-law for them. There are a couple of 24/96 vinyl rips around, which are quite good. Older albums like Still Life, Wichita etc., but also WIAA. Love them. The new frontier is music in highres on bluray. Bring it on!
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