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SUBJECT: New Joey Baron/Bill Frisell duo - Just Listen Back to Subjects
Jun 27 2013
at 11:45 AM
July 16th release date. LIve Gig from Bonn Germany. Half improv, half tunes Beautiful !!
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Jul 12 2013
at 12:43 PM
Bookmark and Share the link is for a Company called Relative Pitch Records
Jul 11 2013
at 10:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank, who is releasing this? Would very much like to try and get a review copy as I cover as much Frisell as I can, and hearing him in duo with Joey sounds too good to pass up...thx for any help you can provide...
Jul 11 2013
at 11:53 AM
Bookmark and Share from A live duo album with Bill Frisell from Bonn Germany The 1st 200 orders of the Joey Baron title receive a free DVD-R of the concert from Downtown Music Gallery, Squidco and our site.
Jul 08 2013
at 2:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Two of my favs. I would luv Bill to step away from the Americana thing for at least one project and crank up some of that ole time avant garde with a large ensemble. A little Naked City please.
Jul 07 2013
at 12:09 AM
Bookmark and Share I haven’t heard this gig, but I’ve seen Frizz four times and the trio with Joey was by far the best. Bill is a wildly uneven performer who can get lost in a world of his own, fiddling with his effects boxes like a kid on Christmas morn, but Baron brings snap and discipline to the endeavor.
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