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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: Bill Frisell, Big Sur Back to Subjects
Jun 11 2013
at 6:19 AM
A review about which I thought some of you might be interested: My review of Bill Frisell’s Big Sur, today at All About Jazz. Recently signed to Sony Masterworks’ revived Okeh imprint, Frisell’s debut for the label is as auspicious as could be hoped for. A marriage of his 858 Quartet and Beautiful Dreamers trio - meaning 858 + drummer Rudy Royston - this commission for the Monterey Jazz Festival is an ambitious collage of groove-driven textures, ranging from the skewed harmonies for which the guitarist has become known, to the unerring interpretive instincts of his group, which also includes violinist Jenny Scheinmen, violist Eyvind Kang and cellist Hank Robertson. It’s also a significant return, after his John Lennon tribute (All We Are Saying (Savoy Jazz, 2011)) to Frisell the composer, and a most welcome one at that. Review here:
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Jun 14 2013
at 8:28 AM
Bookmark and Share My copy of Silent Comedy is on its way, so expect a review in coming weeks.
Jun 13 2013
at 5:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, it really is his ZTFS. Its was produced off of Zorn’s label, and yes, it did come out just a couple of months ago. Frisell had stated the reason he left Nonesuch was so he had the ability to release more albums quickly. Frisell (and Zorn) have to be the busiest musicians around. Their output is just remarkable.
Jun 13 2013
at 12:36 PM
Bookmark and Share ’Silent comedy’ is his ZTFS.
Jun 13 2013
at 7:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Hasn’t he released a solo guitar album called "Silent Comedy" since the Lennon one? Amazon is listing it as 2013, he does so much it’s hard to keep up!
Jun 12 2013
at 4:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Interesting! Thank you.
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