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May 29 2013
at 2:25 PM
Have also got my copy of David Bowie’s latest CD, his first after a 10-year gap. I have great respect and admiration for him (very much for the same reason that I have for Pat, which is his endless creativity and ability to renew himself), even though I like fewer of his albums than I do not like. This is a real gem IMO. Anyone heard it/got it?
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Jun 01 2013
at 3:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Big disappointment after all these years. He’d better stay in hibernation.
May 30 2013
at 3:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I have it and it does not draw me to revisit it. Not to say that it is not competent, but it does not have that something special element or feel that warrants heavy play. I think I bought more so that Tony Levin is on some of the project. Would have been much more interesting if Eno and Fripp were all over it!
May 29 2013
at 3:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi everyone! Im a new member today but an old friend to Pat’s music. It has seriously affected my life in a positive and inspirational way. Im looking forward to being a part of this group, but I may be slow in response sometimes because i don’t get alot of time to hang out here!
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