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May 27 2013
at 5:08 PM
Saw the Yellowjackets at the Jacksonville Jazz Fest and met the band afterwards. Not only is Felix Pastorius a hip bassman but he is also a gracious human being.By the way; the new CD is awesome.
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Jun 21 2013
at 3:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Love that cd jacket cover. Could it be a true forshadow of things to come in the near future?
Jun 21 2013
at 9:11 AM
Bookmark and Share ...ans soldily...that should be: and solidly. Must have drank too much, lol.
Jun 19 2013
at 7:28 AM
Bookmark and Share Listened to the new cd. Not shockingly new but typically Yellowjackets. I think the previous one has more to offer in terms of new sounds. This one is typically ans soldily Yellowjackets. Felix Pastorius is doing a fine job, but I have to say I miss Jimmy Haslip’s stylish and recognizable chops. What I miss moreover are really hair raising compositions. It’s a bit too mellow maybe. All ’n all a nice album, good not great.
Jun 11 2013
at 10:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Looking forward to seeing these guys for first time in about 5 years. My first chance to check out Felix. Will pick up the new record for certain
Jun 04 2013
at 5:05 PM
Bookmark and Share We all know not to judge by iTunes samples.But,the samples I just listened to really sound great! I look forward to this new release.It said June 25 is the date!
Jun 04 2013
at 12:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Glad to hear rhey are still touring and creating new music now with Felix. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when they come my way again.
May 31 2013
at 1:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Highly curious to hear that one.
May 28 2013
at 4:40 PM
Bookmark and Share They were selling it at the show. I picked it up and got F.P. to sign it. Nothing like a "brush with greatness."
mario toni
May 28 2013
at 5:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Yeah, 1 of my favourite fusion groups!! BTW, where did you hear the new cd? It will be out next month! ;)
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