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SUBJECT: AAJ Review: Tap - John Zorn’s Book of Angels - Vol. 20 Back to Subjects
May 15 2013
at 8:05 AM
A review of Pat Metheny’s entry in John Zorn’s Book of Angels series, Tap, today at All About Jazz. Largely a solo album - with the exception of drummer Antonio Sanchez, who drives the pulse throughout the record, and Metheny’s daughter, Maya, making a brief appearance on the album closer - it’s an orchestral tour de force with Metheny playing a wide range of instruments, including a few that may surprise even his most ardent fans. Given Zorn’s writing for this project is usually nothing more than sketches - half page or one page scores - what Metheny has done with them is nothing short of remarkable, expanding Zorn’s ideas into episodic epics that represent Metheny at his absolute broadest, stylistically, from his more expected lyrical excursions to flat-out free play. It’s not just one of the finest entries in Zorn’s series, but for those who pigeonhole Metheny, it should come as a more than pleasant surprise that may challenge his longtime fans, but still speaks with his voice so strongly that they’ll likely be prepared to go along for the ride. Co-released on Tzadik and Nonesuch is also a brilliant move; folks who might normally not consider Metheny but who love the Tzadik label might take the risk, while those who might consider Tzadik a little too left-of-center but love Metheny and his work on Nonesuch will also be encouraged to pick up an album that is certainly one of his best releases in a long strong of fine recordings. Review here:
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May 19 2013
at 9:45 PM
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