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Tom Rudd
May 10 2013
at 10:18 AM
Has anyone listened to this latest release by John. I heard one cut and it sounded awesome! BTW John and his band will be at the BPC Boston sometime in June.
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May 13 2013
at 1:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Etienne featured in the Zawinul and Syndicate lineup for some years, pre-Linley Marth period. Yea, he is a force!
May 10 2013
at 6:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah, I actually checked the CD out from the library, how quaint is that? It’s pretty amazing stuff, kinda overwhelming energy and I don’t think JM is slowing the least bit in his 70’s. His bassist, Etienne M’Bappe, is simply incredible.
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