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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: Steven Wilson: Montreal, Canada, April 25, 2013 Back to Subjects
May 04 2013
at 6:15 AM
Some folks here have enjoyed a little non-PM progressive rock, so here’s a a review of British singer/guitarist/keyboardist Steven Wilson’s powerful show in Montreal, April 25, 2013, today at All About Jazz. Touring in support of The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories (Kscope, 2013), Wilson and his incendiary band - saxophonist/flautist/clarinetist Theo Travis, keyboardist Adam Holzman, guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist/stick player/vocalist Nick Beggs and drummer Marco Minnemann - delivered a show that, in addition to including the new album in its entirety, also included two songs from the ex-Porcupiune Tree frontman’s first solo record under his own name, Insurgentes (Kscope, 2009) and even more material from the album that brought the majority of this group together, Grace for Drowning (Kscope, 2011). It was an intense show, with a large-scale look on a low budget with terrific rear projections, light and surround sound. Progressive rock? To be sure, but when played by Wilson’s band, whose resume contains plenty of jazz cred, it’s impossible for it not to contain some of its language. With a band this good it’s impossible to single anyone out, but Govan - the newcomer and final piece of the puzzle - was particularly impressive, if only because he was the unknown entity, the rest of the band having come together on the Grace for Drowning tour. With a guitarist on the same level as the rest of the band, Wilson now has a group that can do anything, and his Montreal show demonstrated the freedom Wilson has, as a writer and a performer, that he also affords his band mates. A truly memorable show. Review here:
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May 04 2013
at 9:50 PM
Bookmark and Share The Raven That Refused To Speak sure is an enjoyable album...the dvd sound mix really kicks things up a notch.
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