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Apr 18 2013
at 3:14 PM
Re: Playing ’through’ changes ... Isn’t the REAL idea to have something to add to the musical conversion, i.e. Something to say within the ’Harmonic environment’? Learning scales, modes, motifs, et al are merely part of the materials used to further develop the ’depth’ of one’s harmonic vocabulary? However, one’s focus, from early on, SHOULD be to practice listening and then ’involving’ oneself in the Musical conversation. Your thoughts ...
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Apr 22 2013
at 5:27 PM
Bookmark and Share i believe it should literally be speaking in a musical sense. If one listens to the greats like Miles, they literally are addressing all of it and then saying something important also.
Apr 18 2013
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share listen to the masters, try and copy them, then play 8 hours a day with better musicians. Guaranteed improvement. Know your instrument..master the music, then forget all that bullsh**t and play... "Charlie Parker"
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