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SUBJECT: Ableton Live - Legitimate Instrument or Tech Tool Back to Subjects
Apr 16 2013
at 2:31 PM
There are a growing number of artists deploying the use of Ableton Live software, in some cases as their primary instrument to create art/music both live and in the studio, as well as those like Pat who use it as a tool. Beyond our traditional sense of what we think an instrument is, do you think that Ableton Live is an instrument or just another tech tool.
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Apr 17 2013
at 10:19 AM
Bookmark and Share I’d always dissed Live as a College students Beatz box. Then I saw Pat give kudos to Dennis DeSantis (and Ableton) on the Orchestrion DVD credits. So...I purchased it after watching some of the videos for the product. I’d have to say that even old dogs can be taught new tricks after using it for the past 6 or 7 months. All that said I don’t really think of Live as an instrument, tool yes (and a very powerful one), but not an instrument. I use it primarily as a composition tool and as a sampler. But I don’t care for it when I’m ready to produce a song (I also use Cubase and Sonar). As a sampler most of the things Live is capable of are available in other samplers (I also use Kontakt extensively and have programmed and scripted two libraries for Kontakt). While samplers are very powerful and creative fun boxes in my opinion they are not instruments...the MIDI controllers that drive them are though, again, my opinion. Of course Live can be used in a live setting, think Orchestrion tour, so it does have that context however as a young rock guitarist I used to use stomp boxes live for signal processing...but I didn’t consider them an instrument. When I saw Pat perform Orchestrion I figured he had to be using some type of MIDI controller(s) to drive everything but to me, even after using Live quite a bit I still don’t think of it as an instrument. Interesting question though...
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