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Apr 12 2013
at 4:32 PM
Does anyone know if there’s ever been another woman besides Barbara Wertico who ever worked with Pat regularly, however short-lived? She was with Pat on the Secret Story tour, Santiago, October ’93. Pat’s had such beautiful male singing in the past that it would be swell to hear some female voices with his genius songwriting. Most of us can probably think of women we’d like to hear work with him. I know he’s worked with a few women singers before, but I’d wouldn’t mind hearing St. Vincent, maybe Spalding, or Norma Winstone. Someone who could keep up with the planetary tour of his next album and sing like an angel. Maybe a whole choir.
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Apr 18 2013
at 5:59 AM
Bookmark and Share St Vincent and Pat would be awesome, though very very unlikely. From what I’ve gathered Annie Clark (= St Vincent) did attend Berklee, so maybe there’s some very distant connection, who knows. Strange is this world as 70’s polish prog singer Niemen sung! ... In my opinion Annie is a very talented musician and composer, one of those rare individuals whom has her own voice in terms of a melodic language and texturally as well. Her recent collab with David Byrne was interesting precisely because it was a meeting of two songcrafters whom both have a distinctive melodic sense. Our trio Super-Idiots covered a St Vincent tune in a somewhat jazzy/proggy vein on our debut album. You can find a live version on YouTube, just search for ’Super-Idiots The Party’ and you should find it (if interested). My favorite St Vincent album would be her second outing, "Actor", for the good tunes and rich arrangements found therein.
Apr 14 2013
at 2:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Besides the names already mentioned, there are the following: Silje Nergard, Abbey Lincoln and Akiki Yano. Would make a great compilation if one day he would agree that it could be released!
Apr 14 2013
at 3:40 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll add Casandra Wilson (Traveling Miles) and Joni Mitchell (Shadows and Light)...
Apr 13 2013
at 7:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Noa and Anna Maria Jopek come to mind...
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