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Tom Rudd
Apr 07 2011
at 1:06 PM
Six nights at the Blue Note in NYC. Very cool. That would be one way to get your Metheny fix! Used to see that years ago in Boston at Pauls Mall/Jazz Workshop. I Remember going to see Miles and Sonny Rollins and a few other jazz greats a bunch of consecutive nights. It’s one date at the Somerville Theatre for us here in MA. Can’t wait!
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Apr 20 2011
at 7:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Just snagged my tickets for the Jazz Alley gigs in Seattle. I’ve been following Pat’s music since ’79 and I’ve always wanted to see him as either a solo or a guitar/bass duet. Now this dream comes true. Really looking forward to the shows.
Apr 17 2011
at 4:43 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m psyched! Pat will be in San Francisco on Sept. 24th. Can’t wait for the tickets to go on sale! I will be first in line.
Apr 15 2011
at 3:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Re: Seattle. Ha, M-A told you so! (yeah, two nights.) The little tour that is growing kinda not so little.
Apr 09 2011
at 5:06 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s Spring! And from high above in the clouds of Manhattan, our peregrining guitar bird is about to embark on his yearly world migration, bringing to us his awaited pleasing song. So happy it’s birdwatching season again. I think more dates may be coming?
Apr 09 2011
at 7:33 AM
Bookmark and Share I hope to gt to Philly at the Keswick will be my best chance to see him.
Apr 08 2011
at 11:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I hoping Pat can fit another night into Northern California, maybe the Napa Opera House??
Apr 08 2011
at 9:17 PM
Bookmark and Share NYC? Blue Note? I’m there! Would rather it was Birdland tho....
Apr 07 2011
at 8:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I have a feeling that the night before Portland is gonna a be a good night for Seattle. Too close to miss!
Apr 07 2011
at 3:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Don’t take it personally hman01. He isn’t coming to my state either (and I bath every day - honest) so I guess I’ll make the trek down to the Rose City - Portland, OR.
Apr 07 2011
at 2:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Why no southeast dates? I’m starting to get a complex.What’s up with this? I put on deodarant this morning!
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