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SUBJECT: The Best Musical Decade Back to Subjects
Apr 07 2013
at 4:17 PM
OK: Which one? 1940’s: 1950’s: 1960"s: 1970’s: 1980’s: 1990’s: 2000
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Apr 16 2013
at 12:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Indeed I was, hman01 ... thanks for mentioning it.
Apr 14 2013
at 5:14 PM
Bookmark and Share For me, this is like asking: What is your favorite CD? It all comes down to my mood in the moment and often, what I am doing. Pat has been quoted many times saying that he doesn’t like to think of music in genres: that all music is music and to break it down to thinking I only like rock...or new jazz or traditional jazz or classical, can really take away from the concept of MUSIC. I feel the same about decades - Sure the 60’s were fun & explosive and I am really happy to have grown up during that period, but it is now 2013 and I look forward to new music by many new and established musicians.
Apr 12 2013
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I loved the 80s.Not so much for pop music,but for the introduction of the compact disc.It seemed that there was alot of new music coming out then,that wasn’t available before.Many specialty labels like Windham Hill,Private Music,Narada etc.That’s when the term "New Age" came in(for much lack of a better term).A lot of this was great music.You were on a few of those releases,weren’t you Fred?
Apr 11 2013
at 4:42 PM
Bookmark and Share has 1830’s met "the test of time" ?
Apr 11 2013
at 8:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Right on Fred...those hits last a long time.
Apr 10 2013
at 9:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Mendelssohn but even more so Chopin, Brahms, and Schumann.
mario toni
Apr 10 2013
at 2:59 AM
Bookmark and Share 70’s!
Apr 09 2013
at 5:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Groove on those Mendelssohn vibes, eh?
Apr 08 2013
at 9:52 PM
Bookmark and Share While I love music from many different decades, I’m quite partial to the 1830s.
Apr 08 2013
at 10:24 AM
Bookmark and Share there is no "best" , only "favorite".
Apr 08 2013
at 9:36 AM
Bookmark and Share 60’s, with the 70’s a very close second.
Tom Rudd
Apr 08 2013
at 5:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Hands down the 60’s. I feel very fortunate to have grown up and witnessed the music that came out in the 60’s. There will never be a time like it again.
Apr 07 2013
at 11:44 PM
Bookmark and Share All of the above and none of the above. Decades don’t make music. Musicians do.
Apr 07 2013
at 8:53 PM
Bookmark and Share ’70’s,jazz/rock/progressive/ec m)’60’s, (coltrane/miles/beatles/stones )’’50’s (blue note/ellington/oscar peterson),’40’s ( Lester Young/Billie/Tatum)’00’s(youtu be/spotify/cloud sheer access to old and new,’90’s(luckily Pat held the torch/ecm expanded into its new series),’80’s (scary)...the dread direct bass, drum machines.
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