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Chris Digger
Mar 18 2013
at 8:51 AM
Finally this superb live-performance is now officially available in Europe. IMO one of the best/or the best official LIVE-DVD of the PMG, although it is only "stereo" but boy, what a high-fidelity and clear sound. The camera-shooting is the best you can get. There is also the option to watch the performance without the interviews, what makes this a concert experience beyond imagination. The playing of all musicians is beyond categorization and also the setlist which contains old and new, but mainly songs from the WLH-album. Folks, get this one!!!
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Chris Digger
Mar 22 2013
at 8:43 AM
Bookmark and Share The tunes ┬┤We had a sister` and the PM-Improv are not on the DVD. The overall sound is better than on the japan-dvds. The volume level is increased - but not (weird!) on the last track `Stranger in town` (webmaster, please forward that to PM-management).
Mar 22 2013
at 3:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Can anyone tell me: is the video and audio quality better than the Japanese release?
Mar 21 2013
at 6:00 PM
Bookmark and Share On that tour, they did We Had a Sister with, I think I’m right, a long, wonderful piano solo by Lyle after a discordant, jarring Pat solo intro. Is that on the DVD? I’ve seen clips from this DVD and was blown away by Episode d’Azur and Have You Heard. I saw two shows from that tour - both magnificent.
Mar 20 2013
at 3:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Great to see this being made available to a bigger audience, but my favorite PMG DVD is still the Speaking of Now -DVD.
Mar 18 2013
at 10:20 AM
Bookmark and Share i used to have that dvd it always froze at a certain section, my favorite on that is this is not america
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