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Mar 15 2013
at 7:32 PM
Seems to me that we overlook sometimes the vocal tunes Pat has written: Mas Alla (check out Pedro Aznar’s solo versions), You, Afternoon, Something to Remind You, Dream of the Return... Love Vidala too, though Aznar wrote that himself. My point is that Metheny is a fine ’pop’ writer however that sounds. I don’t see why these songs don’t get more cover versions etc - they are so great. Listened to Afternoon today - blew me away.
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Mar 25 2013
at 6:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Tom: I was thinking more about the 4 minute vocal tunes. Of course, First Circle is a PM signature track. First time I heard it was actually on the tour for that album - an amazing experience. It was another level to anything that had come before.
Mar 22 2013
at 9:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m surprised no one has mentiond "First Circle" - still my favorite.
Mar 21 2013
at 5:55 PM
Bookmark and Share blisterfree - yes Bona on SoN was amazing. Listen carefully and it’s almost as if he’s invented a language. More than just wordless lyrics. Of course, Mas Alla one of the greatest, and yes, I’d somehow forgotten to mention This is Not America!
Mar 21 2013
at 5:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Agree with you there, blisterfree. RB’s vocals on "You" were other worldly, and both him and Cuong shine through on "As It Is" just after Pat’s blistering solo on synth guitar and the build-up to its denouement, that great heralding duo chorus rejoicing humanity. Magnificent and life affirming to the hilt.
Mar 21 2013
at 3:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Richard Bona’s wordless vocals are from another planet, which is to say out of this world listenable. And yet there’s a simple, earthy honesty there that worked so well on SON. Alas, we were never treated to an era’s worth of collaboration as with Pedro A before him, and there may be no looking back after 10 years now. But man were RB’s contributions to PMG the scat’s meow.
Mar 21 2013
at 1:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Mas Alla....whether in PMG or in his own group, Pedro’s voice takes this chart "beyond" places. Simply one of the most beautiful pieces of music to behold and hear.
Mar 20 2013
at 2:15 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree "saran".So many of Pats’ melodies are singable whether they are performed vocally or instrumentally.
Mar 20 2013
at 10:53 AM
Bookmark and Share For some reason, perhaps because of my brown belt in Karaoke, I think of all of his tunes as vocals. The Heat Of The Day, for example.
Mar 20 2013
at 3:14 AM
Bookmark and Share Mas Alla is indeed a beaute of a tune. ...But let’s not forget Slip Away and This is Not America, both staples at my occasional dj gigs! Slip Away blends really well with other pop music of the era, such as Madonna or Pet Shop Boys; it’s got that great reverby late 80’s/early 90’s sound. Out of the many, many cover versions made of This Is Not America, my favorite is the one by Marc Collin (of Nouvelle Vague fame) on his "Hollywood Mon Amour" -album, which comprises of sophisticated covers of 80’s soundtrack songs. "America" is sung by Juliette Lewis on that version. Another great version is the one on Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra’s latest (I believe) release "Not In Our Name".
Mar 19 2013
at 10:39 AM
Bookmark and Share mass alla got to be one of the greatest then theres dream of the return such emotional depth and breadth.
Tom Rudd
Mar 19 2013
at 8:32 AM
Bookmark and Share You are so right Yossarian, Pats music/vocal compositions are just incredible. Mas Alla is just beautiful beyond belief. Afternoon is also one of my favorites, has been since the fist time i’ve heard it.
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