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Tom Rudd
Mar 06 2013
at 11:58 AM
Sorry to hear of Alvin’s passing. Big influence of mine, and many other guitar players back in the day.I will never forget the first time i heard Alvin tear it up at Woodstock.Just incredible.
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Mar 07 2013
at 11:34 AM
Bookmark and Share I was just playing one of my all time faves In Flight from Alvin and friends 1974 on Monday and then to hear this yesteday. Another music legend gone from us too young. RIP
Mar 07 2013
at 8:24 AM
Bookmark and Share I was fortunate to see Mr. Lee on two occasions, in Jacksonville, Fla. and in Frankfort, Germany, circa 1972. Although he couldn’t read music, Lee could certainly make music. Space In Time is still one of my all-time faves. It hurts when your heroes die.
Mar 07 2013
at 7:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Ten Years After....A Space In Time...1.2.3.punch One of These Days,Here They Come, I’d Love to Change The World.
Mar 06 2013
at 4:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Favorite memories of mine: "I’m going home." from Woodstock and "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl".
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