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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: Acuna - Hoff - Mathisen, Barxeta Back to Subjects
Mar 04 2013
at 8:00 AM
A review of the second album from transatlantic trio Acuna - Hoff - Mathisen, Barxeta, today at All About Jazz. When ex-Weather Report drummer/percussionist Alex Acuña was invited to Norway to team up with keyboardist Jan Gunnar Hoff and monster acoustic/electric bassist Per Mathisen, the result, Jungle City (Alessa, 2009) was so good that another one was inevitable. Three years later, after some touring and a live CD/DVD behind them, Barxeta moves a little away from the more overt Weather Report references of Jungle city and begins to establish a more personal identity. Grooves abound, ranging from funk to Latin to beyond, and the spirit of Weather Report still looms, but not so large, and for those who like their fusion a little more on the world side of the equation - plus Hoff’s deeply melodic writing brings another dimension - and, while filled with chops aplenty is not overbearing in that regard, then Barxeta and Acuna - Hoff - Mathisen is for you. Review here:
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