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SUBJECT: Snarky Puppy at Koko-London 13 March Back to Subjects
Mar 04 2013
at 3:12 AM
Just a heads up for all my UK-based cousins to this London gig, that’ll include the GoGo Penguins as support band. Promises to be a great gig at the legendary Koko. I’ll be there with a group of London jazz followers. Let me know if you’d like to attend and be in the possee!
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Mar 18 2013
at 8:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Must say it was an amazing gig- ’twas tight as a drum head they were, without sounding clinical. Check out their Facebook page for further tour dates in Europe, USA, and yes, they are coming to Oz. High reco from this ol’ jazzer.
Mar 09 2013
at 11:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Love Snarky Puppy, too. Just watched a couple videos on YouTube. Wow - something like 20 musicians, playing cool tunes, without charts. Love the long form songs with the changing feels - very Pat. Can’t imagine how they get everyone together to rehearse this involved music. Way cool.
Mar 07 2013
at 5:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Tom, looking towards the gig with, and with GoGo Penguin. Any other takers from UK to join some London Jazz followers?
Tom Rudd
Mar 07 2013
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Love Snarky Puppy. Only have one CD Bring us the Bright, and it’s just killer. Have to get more. Enjoy the show!
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