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Feb 27 2013
at 11:15 AM
Hi...long time lurker and major Metheny fan...saw a recent post about "vocalise" versions of Metheny songs, and it got me wondering... just how many people have covered Metheny compositions? (vocal or otherwise...) Does an "up to date" list exist anywhere? (...or has this topic been covered here before?) I would be interested in trying to chase down other interpretations of his songs... (...I know this could potentially be a long thread) Thanks
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Apr 02 2016
at 7:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Matt S, what I was saying (I think) is that there have been some vocal versions of that tune... I heard one in Ronnie Scotts but I can’t remember who sung it - a US female vocalist I’m sure.
matt s
Mar 20 2016
at 11:34 PM
Bookmark and Share yossarian, why do you say Always and Forever would be unlikely to have a vocalese cover? It’s quite a natural for lyrics. Anna Maria Jopek sang Polish lyrics for it on the album she did with Pat in 2002. I’m pretty sure others have done it too.
Mar 18 2016
at 8:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi...just wanted to throw this back up here to see if anyone had any new leads/suggestions regarding Pat covers....been a while since I checked... Thanks Rob
Mar 15 2013
at 7:37 PM
Bookmark and Share robstreetman: I think you can probably find out an exhaustive list on wikipedia, if not this site. There are so many covers from Philip Bailey to the saxophone player in my local pub here in London who just played ’James’.
Mar 13 2013
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share My band recently covered two of Pat’s tunes: Unquity Road and As Falls Wichita.
Mar 08 2013
at 6:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Has anyone done lyrics for Always and Forever? Seems unlikely but I thought I once heard the song covered by a vocalist, back in the nineties this was. That song is in a dead heat with We Had a Sister and Farmer’s Trust for ’best ever Pat ballad’. But there’s also Too Soon Tomorrow, Sometimes I See, Seven Days, If I Could, You...
Photon Man
Mar 04 2013
at 4:01 PM
Bookmark and Share robstreetman, since you asked, I recently released a CD covering Pat’s “Sirabhorn”. It is listed under Dave Pope Trio, “You And The Night And The Music” and features John Patitucci on bass, my brother Mike Pope on piano, and me on drums. My brother actually gave a rough mix of it to Pat and he said he listened to it and “really liked” it. It can be found online in most of the usual places. Hope you like it too and thanks for the opportunity to share.
Feb 28 2013
at 9:41 AM
Bookmark and Share ever heard of something called the covers project ?
Rob B in CT
Feb 27 2013
at 5:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Rob: If you go to and search on Pat, one of the tabs in the results is ’Credits’ which has nearly 1600 links. It’s a bit cumbersome to wade through as the links are to album listings which are a mix of Pat’s own releases plus other works where he may have been the composer, played, produced, or contributed liner notes. But tons of info.
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