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Apr 04 2011
at 5:23 PM
Someone asked the other day on the Garage here for a transcription of Make Peace. I don’t remember who it was since the thread got deleted. Anyhow, I adore this tune, and I wrote up a quick tab.
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Apr 11 2011
at 1:34 PM
Bookmark and Share ..posted somewhere else in the archives but, I was listening to PM radio when I learned that my mother had passed, and this was the selection that started playing.
Apr 11 2011
at 12:00 AM
Bookmark and Share This may be the most beautiful Metheny composition since Farmer’s Trust. Just perfect.
Apr 06 2011
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks DCT--for some reason it wasn’t showing up in the "Previous Posts" section. It is now...ahh well, this one is already made. What can you do.
Apr 05 2011
at 4:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marshall, That was I. I love the tune as well. Thank you for posting this. Ill check it out. I already had started to arrange it in Drop-D tuning. But I will take a look at yours. Thanks.
Apr 05 2011
at 3:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Previous posts are there - go to the bottomof the list abd click on Previous 5 Days
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