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Feb 14 2013
at 4:50 PM
I’ve been listening again to a couple of Jimmy Webb albums in my collection and it amazes me how great his songs are (I almost forgot). I mean, songs like Wichita Lineman, MacArthur Park etc are among the very best popsongs ever written. Pat has done The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Now, wouldn’t it be great if he did an entire JW cover album, in the vein of WIAA?
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Mar 02 2013
at 6:09 PM
Bookmark and Share no
Mar 02 2013
at 12:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, wonderful indeed! Is there anything "easier" than interpreting your own songs?
Feb 20 2013
at 10:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for commenting, hman. I have ’Ten easy pieces’ in my collection and indeed it’s a fabulous album. What is ’easy’ for Jimmy should be a piece of cake for Pat, lol.
Feb 15 2013
at 7:44 PM
Bookmark and Share "hague"-I second that.Pat would do a great job on Jimmy Webb songs as referenced by the song you mentioned.By the way,have you listened to the recording called "Ten Easy Pieces" where Webb sings his own songs while accompanying himself on piano? Wonderful interpretations of his own songs!
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