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SUBJECT: Pat wins!!!! Back to Subjects
Feb 10 2013
at 10:55 PM
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Feb 11 2013
at 9:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Ho hum. Make more room on the mantle .Just another much deserved award. Congrats Pat!!!
Feb 11 2013
at 12:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Georg Solti holds the record at 31 Grammy awards. U2 has the most band wins with 22. Alison Krauss has 26. I think Pat can take them! Congrats Unity Band.
Feb 11 2013
at 11:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Excellent news and well deserved. But each nominee created their own brillance! I wish each artist will gain their own accolades for excellence in music!!!
Feb 11 2013
at 12:45 AM
Bookmark and Share #20. Sweet.
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