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Feb 10 2013
at 10:44 PM
Too bad they did not have the Unity Band play for the Grammy Award show. At least they had Corea, Clarke and Garrett play a short tribute to Brubeck. Kudos to Pat, Antonio, Potter and Ben.
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Feb 15 2013
at 12:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Not sure I can contribute anything to the most skilled and gifted musician on the planet! Just a quick story about seeing Unity Band in Kennett Square, PA. The four people in front of us were talking and texting during the performance. After being ’shooshed’ a few times by your fans, the oldest male got indignant and said something insulting in my direction. I waited until the song ended and asked the man if he wished to continue a conversation in the parking lot. He glared at me and I ignored him since the next song started. The annoying group left the concert five minutes later. Your beautiful music wins again. Congratulations on an even number of Grammys (Grammi?). I was getting tired of saying anything ending in ’teen’ whenever I had to explain who you are.
Feb 14 2013
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Unity Band is the bomdiggity ! Is that spelled with 1 "g" or 2 ?
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