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Apr 04 2011
at 9:50 AM
March 31 I caught the Julian Lage Group at S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston IL. It was a great show and excellent band. Lage has a distinct stlye with many influences. His arrangements are somewhat like Pat’s. If you get a chance to see his band, do it. I talked to the band after the show and was impressed by all of them, very humble.
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May 04 2011
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Just picked up the new Julian Lage Group cd, "Gladwell". It is excellent and I think when you hear it you will notice Pat’s influences on Julian. Many of the tunes I heard live are on the cd. Julian’s tight group arrangements remind me of Pat’s writing. Check it out.
Apr 19 2011
at 10:54 AM
Bookmark and Share If you saw him with his own group, I am sure more people would have been impressed. I and many others that night were. He has his own style and is a damn good guitar player and I have seen many live.
Apr 10 2011
at 11:57 PM
Bookmark and Share So far, I remain unimpressed. I saw him with Burton not long ago. Hard to imagine how anyone could deny the ginormous Metheny debt there. And there was nothing there that compelled to want to hear more of him. Also something kind of corny about what he played which would be a first for a Burton guitarist. Your mileage may vary.
Apr 09 2011
at 11:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Marc, in his early work, Lage showed a very heavy Metheny influence in his playing. What has impressed me is how quickly he’s moved on and developed his own music I think his recent performance with Gary Burtonwas on par with Pat’s when he toured with Burton a while back. Cheers John
Apr 08 2011
at 10:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Neal Alger was very good. I heard him before in his quartet ( guitar, tenor sax, bass and drums). He was better in trio format. I( only compared him to Pat because of his compositions for the Julian Lage Group. Same dense group sound with a lot going on and tight arrangements. If you just concentrate on his guitar playing I don’t think he sounds like Pat. He has his own distinct style. Classical, folk, Spanish, Jazz and other influences are heard by my ears.
Apr 07 2011
at 8:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey, where’s that Vancouver-Pete? I see there is a new small jazz festival up in Whistler in September - and it’s pretty nice. Gary Burton’s quartet is playing.
Apr 05 2011
at 11:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I wanted to make the show but couldn’t ... enjoyed what I’ve heard of Lage. BTW, how was the opener, guitarist Neal Alger?
Apr 04 2011
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Caught Julian touring with Gary Burton and he gave a quite wonderful performance. There is a Pat influence there but much else besides so that musically it didn’t occur to me to make a comparison with Pat. I’m looking forward to see how he develops - he’s threatening to be the standout guitarist of his generation. Cheers John
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