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SUBJECT: Pat Attending Grammys Back to Subjects
Feb 10 2013
at 3:30 PM
Pat talks about the "Unity Band" nomination in an interview with his hometown paper:
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Mar 08 2013
at 6:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the link. Interesting. It’s a great album, as uaual happening tunes and a real deep sound. Love that Interval Waltz... tough to solo on, but they kill on it. Potter’s solo unreal live.
Mar 04 2013
at 1:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Pat was up at the podium-- Ben Williams alongside--to accept his Grammy and say a few words. Very thoughtful, poised, and humble as usual.
Feb 24 2013
at 8:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Fantastic photos...and such sweet comments about Ben. Thanks for posting, Frank!
Feb 24 2013
at 12:41 AM
Bookmark and Share I seem to remember seeing Lionel Hampton on a Grammy broadcast waaaaay back when. He played, and it was one of those rare magical moments when an artist really gets cooking on TV. But it has been a long time since the jazz awards were given out on the broadcast.
Feb 20 2013
at 8:37 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton--Thanks for that. THE most deserving, brilliant, and hardworking guy on the planet!
Feb 19 2013
at 4:14 PM
Bookmark and Share there are pictures of Pat posing with his latest grammy (backstage).
Tom Rudd
Feb 19 2013
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share I wish there was a picture of Pat standing in front of all his grammies! That would be awesome!
Tom Rudd
Feb 15 2013
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for posting, From what I can tell Pat was just there with his son in the audience. Do they even call Jazz artists up to the stage to accept their Grammy? I have not watched in a while, but they never used to. Which is a shame.
Feb 12 2013
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Great story...thank you.
Feb 11 2013
at 3:35 PM
Bookmark and Share For only the second time, no less. Wonder if this year was his first or second time standing at the podium?
Feb 11 2013
at 2:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Interesting that he went because his son is a huge Black Keys fan.
Feb 11 2013
at 10:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for this link.
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