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Feb 08 2013
at 6:21 PM
If you haven’t checked this section out lately you may want to...
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Apr 26 2013
at 9:38 AM
Bookmark and Share There are some new posts in the Q&A section again, including hints of what’s to come after TAP.
Feb 13 2013
at 4:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks so much for the heads up, Cathy!
Feb 11 2013
at 2:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I was hoping that the Unity band wasn’t just a "one-night stand".
Feb 11 2013
at 1:18 AM
Bookmark and Share This is indeed fascinating. "Different from all of that," as Pat says, most especially.
Feb 10 2013
at 8:29 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s great to see Q&A activity again. And a big congratulations to Pat and the Unity Band on the Grammy award, outstanding as usual!
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