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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review - Wayne Shorter Quartett, Without a Net Back to Subjects
Jan 29 2013
at 5:09 AM
A review of Wayne Shorter’s latest (and first in 8 years) with his 12 year- old Quartet, Without a Net, today at All About Jazz. It has been eight yesrs, but the quartet hasn’t been idle; beyond regular touring as a quartet, there’s also been a tremendous collaboration with Imani Winds, of which one long, 23-minute piece, "Pegasus," is the album’s centerpiece. Around this stunning composition that seamlessly marries form and function, the quartet tracks - like "Pegasus," all recorded live - revisit older fare like "Orbits," one of Shorter’s compositional contrubutions to Miles Davis’ classic Miles Smiles, to a second look at "S.S. Golden Mean," from the group’s last record, 2005;s Beyond the Sound Barrier, "Plaza Real," from Weather Report’sPlaza Real and "Flying to Rio," the rarely interpreted 1933 titular theme song from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ first film together. Along with a couple of new Shorter compositions, the saxophonist’s quartet, also including pianist Danilo PĂ©rez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade, has only become even more magical in its telepathic depth. Music without a net, indeed, is the best way to describe one of the most adventurous American jazz groups from a legacy artist who, with its leader turning 80 later this year, is only getting better with each passing year. Review here:
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Jan 29 2013
at 3:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for sharing the review. It’s great that Wayne is still going strong at his age and as creative as ever. His quartet is playing at Lafayette U tomorrow, sold out show. Otherwise I’d be there!
Jan 29 2013
at 11:09 AM
Bookmark and Share nice review as always, as for whistling, Wayne whistles on the track Juju from the Album Footprints Live.
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