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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny Trio performs in Asheville Back to Subjects
Jan 27 2013
at 3:37 PM
I received a tweet on Friday afternoon from Pat Metheny News that Pat, Larry Grenadier and Bill Stewart were performing at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC on Saturday night for there All that Jazz Weekend. After surviving the ice storm that hit Knoxville on Friday, I made the trek over to Asheville and saw them last night. It was held in a Grand Ballroom that held about 1000 people around tables. Pat came out and played solo then Larry played three duets with Pat and then Bill joined for 2 hours of pure magic. Pat drew songs from Bright Size Life, Trio 99- 00, Metheny/Mehldau, and Unity Band. The chemistry between the three of them was great and they seemed to enjoy themselves to a very receptive audience. What a treat to see a great evening of jazz on an otherwise dreary cold southeast weekend.
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Jan 28 2013
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share "sept15"-I’ve been to The Grove Park Inn a number of times.With the cold weather,it must have been a nice cozy place for a concert.Did they have a fire place goin’? I could imagine the music in that setting.Nice!
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