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Jan 11 2013
at 9:51 PM
Incredible music from this young artist. I have been listening to a couple of his recent CD’s and it just blew me away. Very modern and hip sound and emotional music. This is an artist that has my attention! Check him out.
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Jan 15 2013
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve become a big fan of his over the past year. I love his cd "Rewind That". I recently got "Anthem" which is also cool, but I must admit that haven’t latched onto it like I did the other one. I don’t know anything about the guitar player on these cd’s, but it fits in great with Scott’s music.
Jan 14 2013
at 8:32 PM
Bookmark and Share There is also a new CD out called cubadisco which sounds real good.
Jan 14 2013
at 1:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Ninety Miles by David Sanchez/Stefon Harris/Christian Scott is worth checking out in particular.
Tom Rudd
Jan 14 2013
at 5:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds awesome,have to check more out. Thanks for the tip!
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