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Jan 02 2013
at 7:23 AM
Coverage of the ECM: A Cultural Archeology Exhibition in München, Germany, going on until November 23, 2013, today at All About Jazz. When the city’s Haus der Kunst was given carte blanche by ECM label head Manfred Eicher, its co-curators - Okwui Enwezor and Markus Müller - put together an exhibition that, focusing on the label’s first 15 years, reveals the depth and breadth of the label while being as spare and austere as the label itself. In addition to the extensive exhibition and a marvelous new hardcover book to add to the slowly growing bibliography about the label, Haus der Kunst is hosting cinema nights, with films about, by or including material from ECM artists, as well as live performances - on this particular weekend, from singer Meredith Monk and pianist Alexei Lubimov. Anyone in the München area should definitely plan to spend a few afternoons absorbing it all, though plenty can be taken in over the course of a single day. For fans of the label, there’s never been anything like this. And for those who’ve subscribed to the many myths about the label, this exhibition goes a long way to dispelling them all. Review here:
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Jan 03 2013
at 1:28 PM
Bookmark and Share I have fond memories of buying ECM on vinyl for $3.99 per album in the early 1970’s. We had a radio station in Detoit (WDET) that had a show hosted by a DJ named Judy Adams that was on Mon-Fri from 3;00 pm - 5:00 pm and she played a lot of ECM music.
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