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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: The Brecker Bros.’: The Complete Arista Albums Collection Back to Subjects
Dec 14 2012
at 3:54 AM
A review of The Brecker Bros.’: The Complete Arista Albums Collection, today at All About Jazz. Collection all six of The Brecker Brothers albums from 1975-81, from The Brecker Bros. to Straphangin’, this 8-CD box also includes two albums, while not exactly Brecker Bros records - 1979’s Blue Montreux and Blue Montreux II - seeing American release for the first time and featuring, in addition to Randy and Michael Brecker, guitarist Steve Khan, pianist Warren Bernhardt, bassist/stick player Tony Levin (back when he was a jazz bassist), drummer Steve Khan and vibraphonist Mike Mainiere (who originated the idea for this group, called The Arista All Stars), with guitarist Larry Coryell guesting on two tracks and bassist Eddie Gomez on one. For an uptown funk alternative to the fusion of the day, The Brecker Bros.’: The Complete Arista Albums Collection is a monster collection of killer grooves, monster playing and fantastic charts that, while filled with virtuosity at every turn, somehow largely manages to avoid the utter excesses of the fusion movement (though 1978’s Heavy Metal Bebop comes close). Review here:
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From: Message:
Dec 21 2012
at 6:44 AM
Bookmark and Share HAMBONE: oops, thanks, that was just in my message....the actual article is correct, but thanks for the heads up. D’oh! Brain Cramp!! Wish I could edit posts here :)
Dec 19 2012
at 6:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Heavy Metal Be-Bop is a masterwork; not a wasted note anywhere.
Dec 19 2012
at 10:42 AM
Bookmark and Share More Don Grolnick is always welcome.
Dec 17 2012
at 3:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice review. I was always a big fan of the early(and later) Brecker Brothers music and all the closely associated groups from that circle of musicians that they were part of, ie Billy Cobham,Stuff,etc. By the way, you wrote Steve Khan was the drummer and guitarist. It was Steve Gadd on drums.
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