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Dec 13 2012
at 8:12 AM
Impressions? Musicianship? I stayed with it until Kanye began his spiel...I will watch the rest soon. The Who seems to tap into the collective consciousness each time they play one of these events.
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Dec 18 2012
at 9:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I dont visit the megatours much anymore...It was fun for me to see some of the grand tours all wrapped up in one package for a good cause. My dvr kicked out on the last hour so i missed Sir Paul and the closing hugs. Abe Laborial Jr. is always fun to watch...his playing is so exuberant. Roger Waters hard working, solid musicianship. Alicia Keys filling Madison Square Garden with just the piano was a fine moment.
Dec 17 2012
at 8:29 AM
Bookmark and Share Didn’t see too much of this as my reception was breaking up. I did manage to watch the full Roger Waters set. Have to mention that Eddie Vedder totally nailed the vocals on Comfortably Numb...kind of amazing to hear.
Dec 13 2012
at 12:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I watched some of it off and on. Personal bests were Roger Waters with Eddie Vedder, Clapton and Billy Joel. I liked the Who’s set but Pete and Roger have really lost their pipes. The Stones were okay but the set was too short.I liked the between sets parts to the show also describing the areas that were hit and speaking about some of the behind the scenes heros. And as a side, I found it to be ironic the premise to these music fundraisers started with the Concert for Bangladesh and one of the forces behind that event, Ravi Shankar, died on the day of the Hurricane Sandy show. Almost like it was meant to be...
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