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Dec 02 2012
at 4:09 PM
After listening to Kurt Rosenwinkel’s "Star of Jupiter" I believe PM finally has some serious competition in the realm of serious "guitarist/composer." The record is absolutely brilliant in terms of compositional sophistication, originality and serious "chops." There’s nothing like it out there (kinda like the "real" star of Jupiter!).
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Dec 18 2012
at 3:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I have been drawn to Kurt’s material for several years. I do believe he coming into his own and his sound/style has become signature for him. SOJ is compelling and rewards those who listen to it multiple times.
Dec 14 2012
at 3:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, as ever, for the kind words guys!
Roll Tide
Dec 13 2012
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share He provides the guitar solo on the new Donald Fagen album, song called P"lanet D’Rhonda." For those who don’t know
Dec 11 2012
at 6:58 PM
Bookmark and Share This band is amazing
Dec 11 2012
at 9:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the review, as always with John, very well written. Your reviews are very helpfull when one only has digital downloads of the music.I like the mention of the supporting players (pianist Aaron Parks and bassist Eric Revis) as I have the James Farm recording and also Branford Marselis’ A Love Supreme. I have The Enemies of Energy so I can relate there also.
Dec 10 2012
at 10:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, John. Very well written review.
Dec 10 2012
at 7:13 AM
Bookmark and Share A review of Star of Jupiter was just published today at All About Jazz:
Dec 06 2012
at 8:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat has spoken highly of Kurt many times in wrting.
Dec 06 2012
at 5:12 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m sure dgaw59 meant no contest but that Pat’s not the only magnificent one out there. Kurt is in his league certainly.
Dec 05 2012
at 10:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I look forward to hearing this. I’ve always liked Kurt’s stuff. I also want to see Orchestrion, but I’m not sure which version to seek out.
Dec 04 2012
at 10:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Good point "mightymouse". I listen to Pat and Kurt.But,for different reasons.Because their music is totally different.To me,anyway.
Dec 03 2012
at 4:08 PM
Bookmark and Share music is not a competition
Dec 03 2012
at 12:35 PM
Bookmark and Share I concur. Kurt has definitely raised the level of his playing over the years and is a serious contender.And he’s a Philly guy, which is good to hear for all of us localites!
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