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Nov 30 2012
at 11:22 PM
I am sure I am not alone to say "thanks" Pat for all your wonderful music. Especially this week as my mother passed away, your music helped to "soothe the soul"....
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Dec 10 2012
at 11:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you "bx" as well, very kind of you. What a nice memory for you to have.
Dec 06 2012
at 6:23 AM
Bookmark and Share My condoleances Cathy. I lost my father last year. "Always and forever" was played during the service and will be forever linked to his passing.Further more, this song has such a value for me as it combines two of my idols, Pat and Toots. You should know that my father met Toots once and they had some good laughs...All the best.
Dec 02 2012
at 1:22 AM
Bookmark and Share appreciate it "the hague".....
Dec 01 2012
at 10:52 AM
Bookmark and Share My condolences, Cathy.
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