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Chris Digger
Nov 25 2012
at 3:26 PM
The Tracks 7 and 8 with Vinnie Colaiuta and Tal Wilkenfeld are KILLER!
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mario toni
Nov 28 2012
at 8:13 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree this is the best Lee’s album in years. Having most of his stuff on cd (except pop stuff from beginning of 80s) must say it is not his best but it is pretty good! Especially love his collaborations (friendship) with Dave Grusin! Am enjoying this cd with Overtime blu ray lately! Lee rules! ;)
Nov 27 2012
at 3:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Lee with Kurt Elling singing, doing Nick Drake’s ’Riverman’ is beautiful. Best LR album in years.
Nov 26 2012
at 2:18 AM
Bookmark and Share This album grew on me, I’m really starting to like it. Still not my favorite but Lee shows he is always on the move.
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