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SUBJECT: Pat & Orchestrion on CBS NEWS THIS MORNING 4/3/11 Back to Subjects
Apr 01 2011
at 3:18 PM
THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 3, PAT METHENY AND HIS ORCHESTRION TO APPEAR ON CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING Following overwhelming critical acclaim and sold-out concerts across the globe, Pat Metheny and his Orchestrion will be featured this Sunday on CBS News Sunday Morning. The segment will include a behind- the-scenes look at the Orchestrion with Metheny explaining the inner workings of his cutting edge instruments and performance methods. He also discusses his personal inspiration for this inventive project. Please check the link below for air times in your city. 6/04/17/sunday/main1502683.shtml Tell us what you thought of the story here.
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Apr 11 2011
at 9:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I loved the interview and even alittle additional info that I did not know about Pat! I loved the London concert, and the Pat "unplugged"! That is why we love you Pat!!!!
Apr 11 2011
at 12:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Brilliant!
Apr 10 2011
at 8:09 PM
Bookmark and Share He used a number of animal sounds in concert when I saw him in 1986 on the Song X Tour. I distinctly remember a lion, birds, the donkey among others. I was the jazz DJ on the college radio WUSO (Wittenberg University Springfied Ohio). My senior year Pat/Ornette Coleman/Charlie Haden...and the song X tour performed there in our Fieldhouse. I had the chance to interview Pat for about 20 minutes to play on my show the following days. I wonder if I still have that cassette someplace?
Apr 10 2011
at 11:12 AM
Bookmark and Share I thought the Blues Donkey was pretty cool too.
Apr 08 2011
at 10:55 PM
Bookmark and Share OMG - where can I hear more of the "Blues Donkey"?! Anyone know if Pat ever used that effect to humorous, er, effect, either in concert or in the recording studio? It’s particularly impressive to hear musical results like that after punching a few keys on ENIAC, as seen in that bygone interview excerpt.
Apr 04 2011
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Unfortunately, CBS videos do not seem to play in Canada.
Apr 04 2011
at 8:19 AM
Bookmark and Share yes...but, the "Blues" donkey? What was that an Apple II? I wonder if that was connected to the Synklavier? I’ve got to see where this idea goes.
Apr 04 2011
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Foxesfred - that old CBS interview is on Youtube. Somewhere.
Tom Rudd
Apr 04 2011
at 5:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Bravo Pat, wonderful piece. I hope it was watched by millions of people.
Apr 04 2011
at 3:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Amazing piece ... now I really can’t wait for the DVD ... Pat is a pure genius - his forward thinking ability is unparalleled ... I still would love to see another PMG CD/DVD and Tour ...
Apr 03 2011
at 6:43 PM
Bookmark and Share I heard about the CBS piece on Pat Metheny radio; I watched it and congratulate Pat Metheny for his innovation. I am from Missouri too, currently living in Miami, and Pat’s music always reminds me of home, beyond the Missouri Sky.
Apr 03 2011
at 5:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Was fantastic piece! Is Pat a genius or what??!!! Have seen the concert, love the cd.. and even more this piece made me be in awe of what Pat was able to accomplish, or even have the imagination to bring this to! The ideas Pat has had that led up to this even as early as 1986 is amazing .....(the funky donkey!!) LOL... Hope everyone gets a chance to see this....
Apr 03 2011
at 5:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Really enjoyed seeing how the idea unfolded. Admittedly, I know a lot of Pat’s earlier work and didn’t dive into what "orchestrion" really meant. This just shows his mastery of creativity in his craft and never sitting back. Love that he keeps pushing the boundaries...
Apr 03 2011
at 4:38 PM
Bookmark and Share They showed parts of an earlier interview w/ Billy Taylor. Anyone know where we can find it in it;s entirety?
Apr 03 2011
at 1:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Watched the excerpt. Great stuff and Pat’s so unassuming as an artist. No EGO. Love it!
Apr 03 2011
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Watched it...great little interview. Hopefully someone will see it who isn’t familiar with Pat and go out and buy the album. It was/is such an amazing project.
Apr 03 2011
at 10:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Great too see this clip. The DVD will be amazing.
Apr 03 2011
at 8:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Excellent clip of Pat and the big rig. Even a year later, it’s nice to see how groundbreaking the whole thing continues to be. Can’t wait for the DVD!
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