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Tom Rudd
Oct 31 2012
at 12:19 PM
I knew this would come about someday. Looks like a beautiful box collection. Going to have to start saving my pennies. $319.00 at Amazon. Do you guys think this is over kill?
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Tom Rudd
Nov 25 2012
at 10:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Exactly right Eric. I only ask this question because some folks think the market has been totally saturated by Beatle releases. Speaking as a Beatle fan I say give me all I can get.
Nov 20 2012
at 2:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, you’re here because you are a music lover, right? You listen carefully and savor the experience. You have a decent turntable and gear to play these on? I bet they sound beautiful. Good sound is good food!
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