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Oct 16 2012
at 7:08 AM
Hey everyone, Just wanted to share that our local arts council radio station WRFA-Lp 107.9 FM has given me the opportunity to host a jazz show on Sundays at 1pm. (est). It is entitled Modern Jazz. It first aired October 7th and is a weekly program. It can be streamed live online. This Sundays show will features tracks from the Brecker Brothers new box set (complete Arista years) and I always try to slide some Pat into most shows. Finally a jazz show here in Jamestown N.Y.
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Oct 26 2012
at 7:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks everyone for the wishes. Hopefully a few new people will get turned on to some modern jazz. I am having fun with it. Next show features new Diana Krall album and on the following a comparative listening/history of Jaco Pastorias and Stanley Clarke as the two most influential bass players in Modern jazz.
Oct 25 2012
at 12:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Good luck. You can’t go wrong if you are putting the Brecker Brothers over the airwaves in my book!
Oct 24 2012
at 9:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Very cool Peterw, hope your show is a success.
Oct 20 2012
at 12:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Excellent news in light of all the jazz radio stations closing down across the country. I wish you success!
Oct 18 2012
at 7:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Congrats...Thanks for putting the good stuff in the air.
Oct 17 2012
at 4:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Congrats and best of luck, Peter. I’m in Holland, but will try to find it on the internet.
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