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Oct 13 2012
at 1:15 AM
This was a concert for the history books. I have seen Metheny consistently over the decades with his groups and with others. This is easily the best band Metheny has ever had and the best music of his career. He is playing at an almost superhuman level of creativity, and one that can be heartbreaking in beauty as well. I only hope he is recording this band as it sounds right now.
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Tom Rudd
Oct 16 2012
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share I was in the second row also and heard that "Thank you" That was awesome! What a great Boston show!
Oct 15 2012
at 12:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat and the band brought the tour to a close last night in Boston and all I can say is WOW! Having seen the show in Lowell MA over the summer, and in the meantime watching the rising crescendo of praise the tour has garnered on this forum, I now have a vivid appreciation for the way Unity Band just keeps getting better and better the more they play together. A personal highlight was the Orchestrion Sketch, which has now become more of a Magnum Opus. Pat concluded the evening with a solo acoustic medley with such poignancy and control - it was breathtaking. Simply beautiful. As someone close to the stage in the row behind me said aloud just after Pat’s final note, "Thank You." And I believe everyone in that hall heard that sentiment and felt it, including Pat. Thank you for an amazing tour, Pat Metheny Unity Band!
Oct 15 2012
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Indeed, that show was one for the ages. The Orchestrion sketch was really amazing. I love that Moorish-Middle Eastern vibe it had. So different than the "Signals" sketch on the album. Brilliance. I am embaressed to say, that I do not know the very last piece they played. I have heard it somewhere but cant identify it. Anyone know that last piece?
Oct 14 2012
at 2:14 PM
Bookmark and Share It is heartening to hear others speak of Pat’s music in the way I have always experienced it--and even more heartening that this deepening appreciation and awareness is linked to the Unity ideal. There could have been no better tribute and no more perfect time to honor Rosemary and the Fillmore family. On behalf of all of us in Unity who are now mourning Rosemary’s passing: THANK YOU, PAT, ALWAYS & FOREVER.
Oct 13 2012
at 10:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, in San Francisco, at Yoshi’s, I had an almost religious experience. Made my year! Pat has not lost an iota of spirit and intensity, that’s for sure, and it’s fun to see him mature into a figure who mentors and nutures the future talents in jazz.
Oct 13 2012
at 7:04 PM
Bookmark and Share I don’t have much to add to the other descriptions already described before me, other than to say I loved the show. Seeing Pat play is one of the joys of my life.
Oct 13 2012
at 5:38 PM
Bookmark and Share All previous posters expressed it better than I can. Saw unity band in Aug. which was great but last night’s NYC show was beyond expectation. About 20 seconds into the band’s first tune together, Pat as usual, turns back to make eye contact with Antonio and Antonio gives Pat a little smile; what ensued was 2 plus hours of pure joy, absolute mastery, and a privledge to behold. Even after 3 encores and house lights up crowd was still clamoring for more.. that’s all I have to say.. Thank you so much Unity Band
Oct 13 2012
at 12:35 PM
Bookmark and Share JazzNYC and CoolKeith - you guys really hit the mark! My friends think I am a fanatic when it comes to Metheny, and maybe they are right - with good reason. When the PMG did The Way Up tour, many of us commented: How can he possibly top this? Well in many ways, he has. IMHO, TWU was the best group experience I have had the pleasure of hearing, seeing, feeling, and this quartet is by far the best Metheny (without the group) that I have ever witnessed.
Oct 13 2012
at 8:47 AM
Bookmark and Share I have to tell you both that my wife and I were literally JUST talking about precisely this (we were at the NYC show last night.) I too have been seeing Pat in his various musical configurations for 30 years and there have been countless memorable moments. But Unity Band is truly something on a new level. My wife was enthralled—and she’s not a musician. The level of communication, trust and love between Pat and the band members was there for all to see and hear. At one point early in the show she leaned over and whispered "monstrous fluency" in response to Pat’s solo...but we later talked about how despite the awsome level of craft, that’s just a framework for what’s truly important—the Magic. This band had so many moments where they were all listening so hard, supporting each other so wonderfully, that the distinctions between individuals blurred and morphed again and again. Another image from my wife: at one point the players seemed to be part of the Orchestrion, not "controlled" by Pat of course, but responding to his creative energy and adding their own. Sorry—words just don’t don;t do it when trying to describe our experience. Pat’s relentless pursuit of magic and expression on this level have yielded a band for the ages and Pat, Chris, Antonio and Ben must be having the experience of a lifetime playing and being played by this music! I’m so gratified to see the other posters sharing the reaction we had Cheers!
Oct 13 2012
at 2:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Right on JazzNYC! I agree on all points. I had a similar experience seeing them in Austin. In my review, I called it "bordering on unreal" but I was thinking "Supernatural." Another reviewer referred to "The Magic." It seems we are dealing with something greater than some guy named Pat Metheny who plays great guitar and has great tunes. I’ve had an indescribable sadness ever since that night wanting somehow to retain or recreate the experience. I also am very grateful and feel enriched, and even ecstatic, by what I witnessed with my ears, eyes, and soul.
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