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Oct 09 2012
at 7:27 AM
A forum member posted that folks here would be interested in a recent, in-depth interview with Steven Wilson, as well as a review of his concert DVD/Blu-Ray/CD, Get All You Deserve. Well, here you go. Interview here: and review here: .... Enjoy!
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Oct 18 2012
at 5:59 PM
Bookmark and Share IMO, this is the best prog coming out today that I’ve heard in a long, long time because, if you read the interview, you’ll see that while he’s approaching with a modern mindset, he’s also harkening back to what was so great and so innovative about it, back in the day. And if you’re a fan of the old stuff, the new Wilson/Fripp stereo/surround mix of Larks Tongues in Aspic is, in a word, essential. A review of the limited edition box set coming next week at AAJ.
Oct 15 2012
at 6:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the title rec, weeh, and for the link djbinder. I’ll give it a spin when I get my grubbies on a copy. I don’t listen to a lot of prog rock, some, mostly oder--Yes, Flash, Zep, A Bros (yeah, not really prog, but then neither was Jimi)--but if it’s good, it’s good, whatever it is.
Oct 14 2012
at 7:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Then, Weesh, you NEED to hear/watch his new live cd/dvd/blu-ray, Get All You Deserve!
Oct 12 2012
at 7:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Steven Wilson’s Grace For Drowning must be the most stunning record in progressive rock I’ve heard in years.
Oct 10 2012
at 9:41 AM
Bookmark and Share I would be he person who suggested John post the link. There are a couple video links included. Best Progrssive music I have heard in years.
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