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SUBJECT: Thoughts after seeing the Orchestrion in the theatre. Back to Subjects
Oct 08 2012
at 6:19 PM
Pat, thank you again for such a fine performance. Every aspect of the film including the photography was such a musical journey for me. The Improvisation #2 was a bonus to hear as that was one of the highlights for me two years ago during the tour. I am a musician and again thanks for a great performance.
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Oct 13 2012
at 12:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw the theater version. Beautifully done, but do wonder why there wasn’t even a brief bit of Pat talking about the making of. Would have made it more interesting to newbies....IF there were any in any of the theaters, which I doubt. No promo of any kind locally, no posters up at the theater like for other movies, so no wonder there were , at most, a dozen people in the theater on a Sunday afternoon. Only promo I saw was on Twitter. Need to order the DVD soon!
Oct 13 2012
at 12:37 PM
Bookmark and Share I received my DVDs yesterday and was really thrilled with the second DVD in particular. It has everything that was missing in the movie.
Oct 13 2012
at 10:07 AM
Bookmark and Share I haven’t got a copy yet. Is there a segment on it where Pat’s doing this heavy Coryell-esque acoustic number? On the O tour was the first time I’d seen him strum so heavy. I loved it. "Sueno" was terrific as well, of course.
Oct 12 2012
at 3:00 PM
Bookmark and Share There were about 15 in the theater I went to. I thought the presentation was missing something such as a very short introduction from Pat and/or snippets of behind the scenes between songs. The playing and music of course is stellar. Just question the presentation. Been away all week and hope to find my pre-order in my mail box this evening.
Oct 11 2012
at 9:13 AM
Bookmark and Share enjoyed the performance very much. also saw it live. should have received a Grammy. found out about this on FB (9/25/12) and put the word out to friends across the country. two people in the theatre (me and my wife).
Oct 10 2012
at 9:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Found out about the movie by accident. I don’t believe I got any alerts that it was coming to town--luckily got to see it. Really enjoyed the experience and now want to rediscover the music w/out the visuals. Thanks Pat for the bday present! Hope you come to town FOR REAL soon :) -Becky
Oct 10 2012
at 11:31 AM
Bookmark and Share A theatre 10 minutes from my home was showing the new movie so I thought why not even though I had pre ordered the DVD. I was more curious as to how many people would show up. Total: 6. I wonder why this type of release for Pat? More exposure? Other?
Oct 09 2012
at 4:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I really enjoyed it and i am already a fan. I was interested in what someone would think if they had never seen Pat. I can’t help but think they would be impressed by the ideas/skill/variation etc. however not one word was spoken from intro to credits and i think you would miss the incredible congeniality of Pat. Just thinking..... (yes I know it is on disc 2) By the way my highlight was Sueno con Mexico. Reg
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