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Sep 20 2012
at 5:17 AM
Seems to be that we european Pat Fans are a little happier than the rest. Thanks to Amazon Germany I received today my copy of the 3D BluRay. Due to the fact I am a HomeTheater Dealer with all the equipment in my demostudio I watched the movie on a 130inch screen from a 4yard distence in 3D and 5.1 Dolby True HD. What should I say, the sound was fantastic, I think it is very close to Pats own experiences during the concerts being surrounded by all the instruments and their sound mixing in the air. The 3D effect is moderate (which I prefer) but gives a fantastic and detailed view on all instruments (even I sat in front row during the Hamburg concert the experience is much better). Soundwise it is much more intense than listening to the CD. As a Stereofan for "normal" music, "Orchestrion" must be listened with an advanced surround system. I specially liked the improvisation #2 with the Roland G303. Conclusion: Pat is always an inventer in new technologies. He was the first who simultaneously released a DVD, HD DVD and BluRay (The Way Up) and I think this is the first 3D BluRay with a Dolby True HD 7.1 Soundtrack. Enjoy the movie in theaters or at home.
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