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Sep 13 2012
at 10:31 AM
Hope to see some of you at the show 9:30 tonight in the alley. MA is at table 91. It’s actually sunny and not raining!
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Sep 16 2012
at 10:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes great shows to be sure. Not totally thrilled with Jazz Alley’s two set format though...and it ain’t the money, it interrupts the flow.
Sep 15 2012
at 3:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Really am sleepless. My wallet is empty after two sets in the Alley but together most of PMUB was well-covered. The roof was blown off by Roof Dogs and as Pat’s smile kept getting broader and non-stop you just knew this night would have that X factor, that being the incredibly complex, frenetic high-speed cacophony within each tune that all was brought home with resolute precision. Tunes like ’New Year’ have wandered far far from it’s sedate debut and as for ’Signals’ it was so PMG-ish exciting enouth to bring tears of familiar happiness (the Group!). The crowd in the intimate venue was polite and knowledgeable - no camera flashes here. Two sets are derigor. Check it! M-A
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